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Good Toy Bad Toy. Toy Analysis - Dynamic Gymini. Questions. (Essay Sample)


ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS (taken from syllabus)
Good toy, Bad toy
By now, you have a good idea of the capabilities of babies during infancy. Now you are going to apply that knowledge to evaluate the age-appropriateness of toys and their likely effect (or lack-there-of) on a baby's development.
Toy: https://www(dot)tinylove(dot)com/en/best-sellers/dynamic-gymini#EQ
Address/Answer the following questions for your chosen toy:
a. Description of Toy
• Describe the toy briefly (how it looks, what it does).
• What is the recommended age range for using that toy?
• What claims do they make about it? (e.g. "babies will love their bold colors", "will learn to associate sounds with animals", "stimulates exploration", “great for teaching them to talk”, “improves fine motor skills”, etc.)
• You must include a picture of the toy in the appendix
b. Appropriateness of the Toy for Age Range
• Is the age range provided by the manufacturer appropriate?
• Can babies in that age-range use the toy as is intended or described by the manufacturer given their actual abilities? (at the beginning of the range, at the end of the range)
• How does the toy allow babies to practice different skills?
• Does the toy encourage new abilities?
• Is the manufacturer's information accurate (i.e., is the manufacturer's description of the toy, the age it's designed for, what it says it'll help develop in the child, etc. is this accurate? Basically, does the toy what the packaging says it's meant to)?
c. Improving the Toy
• How would you change the toy to make it more age-appropriate or stimulating?
• How might you improve the toy?
• Be sure to explore what potential problems there are with the toy with regards to the targeted age range listed for it.
d. Areas of Development
• Be sure to address the various areas of development within your answer (i.e., biological & cognitive; social & emotional; motor & physical).
• Does what the toy claims to do adhere to the theories of child development (i.e., Piaget; Information Processing; Vygotsky)


Toy Analysis - Dynamic Gymini
[Name of the Student]
[Name of the Institute]
Toy Analysis - Dynamic Gymini
Question a
Dynamic Gymini is considerably a soft and multi-colored flexible bend which provide an infant and a mother with several play modes within a single product. It is deliberated as a soft, foamy, small, and flat mattress with different colors and hanging toys on it. Dynamic gymini is made up of plastic and polyester with its dimensions of 36 inches in height and 43 inches in width. The key features of this particular toy comprise of changing station, multiple textures, multiple position options, it easily gets folds for easy storage and transport, it plays music, and it is substantially a developmental toy. Using the open position initiates an eventual space for calm parental access and attachment period. This dynamic gymini in all modes features the recording of a bird with charming lights and baby-activated music (Galitzer, 2017).

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