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Can Character and Community Survive In an Age of Globalization? (Essay Sample)

Can character and communities survive in the age of globalization? source..
Can Character and Community Survive In an Age of Globalization?
Globalization is not a new term since almost every individual is aware of what it means as they have witnessed its effects. The effects of globalization has can be experienced as positive and negative but the negative effects out way the positive hence it become a threat to human life. This paper seeks to look at what is meant by globalization and whether character and community will survive in the age of globalization.
If we can define character according to Merriam Webster, it refers to morals, excellence and firmness. On the other hand, community refers to persons living in a particular region but having a common interest (Stewart, 2006). With the booming process of globalization, communities are coming to be redefined ahead of their geographical relevancies hence providing us with the questions not only of their survival but also of their type.
When one defines globalization according to Dr, Sam, it is the process of the matchless and rapid expansion of trade and relationship beyond the family, community, nation as well as the state levels. Therefore, globalization should be understood as the outgrowth of trade involving nations, a process explained through the essential economic premise that man seeks profit maximization, be it for himself family or even other values which he places value. In such occasions it is noticed when a given country expands it opportunities for it to meet the needs of the new consumers.
Though we may be putting the blame on the developed countries to the causes of globalization, Economic law should not only work in given countries but should be made universal for it to be accessible. In this case for us to come up with a conclusion of whether character and community will survive there is important to assess individual while centering man as agent responsible for ushering the age of globalization as a consequence of contributing in economic pursuits (Habbel , 2002).
In this given argument, capitalism as an economic system promote the merits conductive to character and community. In this case, this is a clear indication that globalization with its market weight is indeed fundamental and not a barrier. On the other hand, far from living as construct pushed by corporate as well as material interest, absorption and initiation of that economic phenomenon exists and thing will propagate at any given contained community level.
Economic increase in the international transaction is at the core of the natural human mission for maximization of profit. As described by Pope John Paul when a business is performing well, man implies to choice to which cost is an integral part. In this case, human beings pursue their most highly valued ends and it is from this point which we should learn to be known to dwell in commonly identified threats of consumerism which need to be well understood (Mach, 2010). If we look at t...
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