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Glenn Greenwald Debates James Risen: Is Donald Trump A Traitor? (Essay Sample)


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Richard Feldman, in Reason and Argument, discusses the basic idea behind the view that truth is correspondence to the facts. He states “To say that a sentence is true is to say that things really are the way the sentence says they are” (Feldman, 26). In The Power of Critical Thinking, Lewis Vaughn distinguishes between fact and opinion, and the importance of the relation between evidence and facts. In the debate between Glenn Greenwald and James Risen, two general problems arise, which go beyond the concerns about Putin, Trump, and the 2016 presidential election. The first pertains to what the terms we use mean, and how meaning impacts (1) the truth of a claim, and (2), how we understand a claim in the first place. (I.e., how we interpret it and what situations we think it applies to). The second problem, which became an overarching theme in the debate, pertains to the importance of evidence in relation to facts.


Glenn Greenwald Debates James Risen
Glenn Greenwald Debates James Risen: Is Donald Trump A Traitor?
In one of the programs of the ‘The Intercept ', a heated debate between James Risen and Glenn Greenwald took the center stage of the American news, the bone of contention being whether President Donald Trump is a traitor. This debate that was moderated by Jeremy of the ‘The Intercept' was triggered by James Risen's article whose title read, “Is President Trump a Traitor?” The release of this article emanated overwhelming reactions from different, some disagreeing sharply with him on the basis of whether there is truth in the subject.
As a matter of fact, there are so many investigative journalists who have covered stories in their publications that can be classed as disasters as they stir confusion to human understanding as a result of the methodology, scope, validity and a difference between verifiable evidence and one's opinions. The existence of such articles does not rule out that the reasons and arguments discussed in the article should not be considered, it is important that they be carried with weight as they can are equally insightful and can act as leads in any given scrutiny.
In the Risen's article, there are two crucial words that escalate a lot of criticisms: ‘Traitor' and ‘

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