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I HAVE ALSO attached THE REPORT THE WRITTER NEEDS TO USE TO WRITE THIS ESSAY. Read the Golden + the FCM (OR TCF) reports + one other of the attached reports (in detail). Students should use the Golden commentary + Federation of Canadian Municipalities report or the Toronto Community Foundation report, plus one other report (in detail), to identify an issue they passionately believe should be addressed by all levels of government in the next three to four years to improve the quality of life in cities. They should use the reports to base their argument about why the issue they have identified is the most important issue for cities, or a particular city. Their textbooks can be used to frame the theoretical underpinnings of their target issue, and two scholarly articles should be referenced to enrich students' arguments. The following can also be used to help students identify a topic they think is the crucial one for cities/a particular city and to come up with solutions: 20% Assignment 2: Report Evaluation Essay (1000-1250 words) Assignment 2 asks you to conduct a close reading of a report (a set of reports will be posted on Blackboard for your selection e.g. Toronto Community Foundation, “Toronto Vital Signs-2010”). Select an issue from the report that you think should be Toronto's priority for the next three-four years, and justify your response using the textbook, and academic references. Direct your reader to best practices from other cities you think could be implemented in Toronto. What stakeholders or partnerships contribute to the successful initiatives? Conclude your paper with suggestions or recommendations based on the report, the literature, success from elsewhere, and feasibility or limitations based on what you know about Toronto e.g. interjurisdictional responsibility, the characteristics of Toronto's CBD, taxation and land-use. This assignment is focused on your justification of a priority-issue, and your ability to convince your reader that it is not only an important issue, but it is an issue worthy of the sustained attention of City Council, that it has “solutions,” and that you have considered both the opportunities and limitations of addressing the matter. For this assignment you will hand in an essay of not less than 1000 words, with at least 2 academic references, internet references as needed, and reference to both the text and the selected report. Like the first essay you submitted, this essay must: bepersuasive; grounded in the chosen report; build from the report using outside sources; and conclude with suggestions. GOOD LUCK! source..
Canada is a large state which has many municipalities or cities. The size of a municipality is determined by the size of the community or the size of population living there. The bigger the size of the community, the more issues it has in relation to development and also in terms of requiring more funds from the government. For example, the needs of small cities like Monte Jolie, Whistler and Parry sound which have a population of less than 10000 people, may be less than the needs of cities like Montreal and Toronto which have a population of over a million people. Needs also are determined by whether the city is in urban areas or in rural areas (The Strategic Counsel, 2008). Urban cities tend to be more demanding in terms of infrastructure, education, health care and other social amenities due to their large population sizes as opposed to the rural cities which may only be experiencing shortages in infrastructure.
An interview conducted in several cities of Canada reveals that the major issues or problems experienced in most of the cities include: Community safety, policing and insecurity, lack of clean water, lack of proper and adequate housing, inadequate roads and poor road maintenance and also lack of safe and convenient social amenities. All the municipalities however are in agreement that the local municipalities are insufficiently funded by the government hence cannot be able to solve these problems (The Governments major source of revenue being taxes) (Gad, 2009). The interview reveals that 30% of the population believe that the municipalities receive just over a 10% of the total government revenue from tax while 49% believe that the municipalities are allocated just below 10% of all the government revenues. This is believed to be much lower than what the municipalities need in order to curb the most pressing issues (The Strategic Counsel, 2008).
The interview also reveals that a greater percentage of the people living in different municipalities believe that the major issue facing them is infrastructure and that the municipality together with the federal government should work on it as soon as possible.
Infrastructure in this case refers to public transits, roads, water systems and also sewerage systems. 90% of the total population in Canada believes that infrastructure is a big issue facing almost all the cities. The big question here is whether the federal government should fund infrastructure from taxes, transfer some financial support from other provincial governments or reduce its spending on other cities and other municipalities (Freeman, 2010). From the interview, the majority feel that infrastructure should be funded by provision or transfer of funds from other states and provinces. Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto are cities which have been facing infrastructural shortcomings or issues for a long period of ti...
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