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World Geography (Essay Sample)

This assignment is an extra credits. So there is an question sheets and answer sheets. Also there are choices in the answer sheets. please be sure to write the numbers on the right answer sheet in the right place. Also make sure to answer all the questions correctly because when we ordered similar to this assignment last time there were alot of mistakes. Thanks you source..

World Geography
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World Geography1. Prior to their independence, the African countries of Mozambique and Angola we both colonies of ___27____2. Prince Siddhartha, better known as Buddha, was born in northern ___15_____3. In eastern central Pakistan is the city of____33___, the country`s most important historical, cultural, and industrial centre.4. The copper belt, Witwatersrand, and the Great Dyke are mineralized belts and mining centers of Zambia, South Africa and ___2___, respectively.5. The most populous country in Africa, which is also of OPEC, is __22___.6. The ___19____ culture had a mythic understanding of the world which eventually would become the cornerstone of Hinduism7. The ___4____ revolution of 1960 introduced "miracle" varieties of wheat and rice that significantly increased the productivity of these crops in India.8. Much of the slave trade out of east Africa (Kenya) was carried by the ___38____.9. The tremendous hydroelectric power potential in tropical Africa is due essentially to the many rivers and the presence of numerous__35______10. The future prosperity of agriculture in south Asia may be most dependent upon____7____.11. An African state never controlled by colonial power is_____12__12. Sub-Saharan Africa is cut by a system of ___24____ that extends from the northern end of the red sea to Swaziland in South Africa.13. In India, what is the system of kinship groupings that is reinforced by language, geographic region and occupation ___26__14. As British rule began in India, the most prominent force in spreading British influence was the ___10__15. Since the 1960s, persistent drought has been a serious problem in African region called the ___32___16. The commodity having the greatest effect upon India`s balance of trade is ___28___17. Historically, what African city was an important trade centre between Europe and the early civilizations? __11____18. What country was formally controlled by South Africa until the end of the 1980s? __8__19. Though the official language of Bangladesh is ___36___, the official language of Pakistan is Urdu.20. Identify the south Asian city that was the first capital of the British Empire in India __23__
1. The ___30____ dynasty was a pivotal and formative period in the Chinese history and when the Chinese sphere of influence was enlarged, land reform occurred and external trade commenced.2. The ___6____ are a non-Vietnamese people who under French colonial rule lived in Vietnam`s highlands and practiced a subsistence economy.3. Wheras Buddhism and Islam are the dominant religious in Thailand and Indonesia respectively, ___28__...
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