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Analyze The Gap Between Theory And Practice In Data Management (Essay Sample)


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Analyze the Gap between Theory and Practice in Data Management
Analyze the Gap between Theory and Practice in Data Management
“I think my theory is faulty” or “my theory does not work” are some of the phrases one is set to hear from students who have not been able to transform theory into practice. While learning theory, it is easy to admit that the concepts are easy and comprehensible. However, the real test comes when a person is given a problem which demands the application of a learned theory. The main question here is, will a student be able to effectively utilize a learned theory and craft a sensible or credible response to a situation or problem? It is crucial to admit that theory does bring one closer to the solution and when used correctly, it can lead to a breakthrough. However, the issue is never with the theory but with the problem and whether it fits into one’s theory. The above is the greatest question because theory will provide one with the process of dealing with an issue but once a problem develops, one must know how to address it within the confines of a particular theory. But, what happens when the problem does not fit into the learned theory? This is an important question because it means that one must engage their intellect and seek to understand the problem further before concocting a relevant theory.
The above does emphasize the importance of theory. However, it is crucial to understand as Myers and Skinner (1997) explain that “theory is not the answer to all questions.” The researchers continue to state that theories “can be an excellent building block to the answers that are needed.” Allsopp, et al. (2006) opine that learning can never be considered complete if the knowledge acquired cannot be transferred to the real world and this is a testament to the need to put to use that which one learns in school.
What brings the Gap?
One might wonder, but what brings the gap between theory and practice? Well, the gap develops as a result of several things which will be discussed in this section. Manfred Eigen said “in theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is.” This quote has shaped people’s thinking all over the world with many admitting that the above is true. While learning theory, one can internalize and even be thrilled at what they are learning. Students can even picture themselves in their careers applying the same thing or theory they are being taught. However, it is only after one is presented with the chance to put to use the accumulated knowledge that they discover or understand the difference between amassing knowledge and being in the field.
One of the reasons why the gap exists is because students do not understand the significance of understanding theories better (SI News, 2016). This is often a result of the lack of involvement in the learning process. Today, students are not given a chance to take part in or assume certain positions while learning. Wrenn and Wrenn (2009) propose an interactive learning style which they believe will help integrate theory and practice while eliminating the threat of having a disengaged class. Having a disengaged class will eventually lead to individuals who cannot transfer their theory to practice. For example, while being taught the normalization theory, it may not appear to make sense to students that this theory can be used practically. Therefore, when given a chance to create a database, a student will not essentially understand the importance of avoiding duplication or other anomalies in the process. However, by encouraging them to “build connections between obscure concepts and re...

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