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Argumentative Essay. Authorization of Marijuana in the US (Essay Sample)


Now, you will write an argumentative essay on the same topic that you have analyzed for your Rhetorical Analysis Essay. The position you take may or may not be the same as the position of the author of the article you analyzed.


Authorization of Marijuana in the US
Institution of affiliation
Authorization of Marijuana in the US
The legitimization of marijuana in the US has been a very controversial topic over the past decades. Critics have always stated their reasons against approving the drug, while supporters have been free to share the incredible benefits of using it. Whether one is a critic or a supporter, marijuana, like most substances, has its unique benefits and drawbacks. However, in the US, the government restricts the use of cannabis sativa in most states, giving the cynics triumphs over the drug, while the defenders are selling and consuming the drug in their clandestine operations.

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