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Game Designer Tetsuya Mizuguchi: Rez Video Game (Essay Sample)


Game designer: Tetsuya Mizuguchi
1. Clearly explains who the subject is and their relevance(around 225)
2. Identifies at least four distinct techniques/themes/ideas/philosophies associated with the game "Rez". (around 600 words)
3. Could you also emphasis where are the main points in red for presentation


Game Designer - Tetsuya Mizuguchi
Student's Name
Institutional Affiliation
Game Designer - Tetsuya Mizuguchi
Subject and Relevance
Rez is a video game that was designed and produced by Tetsuya Mizuguchi and this game and its developer are the main subjects. Rez can be described as a musical rail shooter that was created by United Game Artists and consequently published by Sega. The game was released in 2001 in Japan and it was consequently released in Europe and the U.S. The relevance of this video game is the fact that a Russian painter known as Wassily Kandinsky inspired it and it was produced and conceptualized by Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Ahmed, 2018). In addition, Rez was recognized because it replaced the normal sound effects that were commonly found in numerous rail shooters that were equipped with electronic music. Furthermore, the video game plays melodies and sounds that aim at destroying enemies in the game and thus leads to a type of synaesthesia.
The team that developed the video game played an instrumental role in creating a virtual reality where players are able to experience a practical experience when they are playing the game. In addition, the virtual reality effect enabled the video game to earn widespread acclaim, with evidence showing that Rez is currently considered as one of the best VR games to be ever produced to date (Ahmed, 2018). Rez can also be described as a rail shooter where the main role of the player is to assume the control of the avatar who is on screen and goes through a predetermined route that is controlled by a computer network.
Distinct Themes
One of the main themes that are dominant in the video game that is known as Rez is the use of music, art, movement, and color to develop a game that is truly pioneering. Mizuguchi's love for synaesthesia played an instrumental role in the reinvention of a video game (Clayton, 2015). Moreover, his works were also instrumental in the development of the first powerful three-dimensional games as well as influencing several other arcade racers to develop similar 3D games.
Another important theme associated with Rez is the fact that it is cultureless, timeless, and pla

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