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Fundraising Letter, Donation, Benefit Of The Organization (Essay Sample)


Donate to people with disabilities write according to the pictures I gave, the leftmost order to write


Fundraising Letter
(Student’s name)
Literature and Language
(Institutional affiliation)
December 5, 2017
Dear Donor,
Thank you for taking time to read our letter and we do not take it lightly that our donors are alloting time and money to support our cause.
The _________________ is a home for persons with disability of different gender, race, and age. People with disability who cannot normally function like the way everyone else does need constant care and attention. Some are not even able to take a bath on their own or perform chores.
Fortunately, our organization and staff are there to help people like them, who cannot survive on their own. Our mission and goal is to make life bearable for them because they also deserve to enjoy life like everyone else.
We are a non-profit organization working towards the cause of providing enough facilities for disabled people. I am one of the coordinators of the fundraising campaing that we organize annually, to gather donations which can be used for our cause.
In order to meet our goal, we are seeking help from all potential sources and we consider you to be one of our donors. Your contribution will go a long way and our organizaiton will consdier it priceless. Based on our estimation, the total amount we need to raise for our cause is ___________. Hence, we wrote you this letter because you are a potential person to extend help in this regard, and it is a social innovation to help the disabled.
The donations we collected last year were used to buy assistive technology devices like wheelchairs, walkers, mobility aids, scooters, crutches, canes, and orthotic devices. We also celebrated our 3rd year and so far 100 disbaled people are under our care. This year, our goal is to purchase raised toilet seats, hoists, magnifiers, visual or vibrating alert systems, more communication devices, and shower tools.
Your donation will benefit the organization, and you as well because you will earn goodwill because of your generosity. Therefore, you can be part of our cause that is geared towards helping people with disability
We hope you will be happy to join this misison we are proposing of making the world brighter for them. You can send your donations by check, or you may use your debit/credit card through the organization’s website which is /donations
All of the money collected through the campaign will only be used for the abovementioned expenses and for the improvement of our facilities. We are also ex...
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