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Frugal Innovation Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


2 times the spacing will be given to the resource, synthesis paper.
it is a synthesis paper and use the 3D printer as the example, thank you so much. I’m a esl student, plz don use so difficult words, ty


Frugal Innovation
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Frugal Innovation
Emerging economies are experiencing a tremendous population growth despite being low-income markets with most of their population earning the minimum wage. As such, frugal innovation has become an essential innovation approach in the developing as well as the emerging markets due to its reduced cost approach. Frugal innovation, also referred to as Jugaad innovation is a customer/consumer based innovation that employs affordability and sustainability through the use of low-cost manufacturing and component minimization techniques (Muthu and Savalani, 2016). This paper synthesizes frugal innovation with a holistic view of additive manufacturing, also known as three-dimension (3D) printing as an important concept with various applications and societal impact, especially in emerging economies.

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