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Four Operational Definitions- Anger as Emotional State (Essay Sample)


How the variable of interest (theoretical concept or construct) is defined and measured is the operational definition. The key word here is measured. The researcher has to have a concrete way to know that the construct exists or does not. please see the attachment.
state at least four operational definitions of "anger" that you come up with. (Do not use another resource such as a dictionary.) For example, what tells you someone is happy (what does it look like) and how could you measure it?


Four Operational Definitions- Anger
Anger is an emotion associated with hostility and aggression where a person shows their displeasure or rage. Since anger is an intense emotional state it may cause harm to the other people, when one acts aggressively because of frustration. In some instances, an angry person may use aggressive means to maintain control and power over other people, especially those close to them.
Angers is also a response and expression of frustration at someone or something because of irritation because there is a strong dislike and outrage. Even though, the feelings of negativity by an angry person are associated with hostility, accidental injuries do not account for aggression, meaning that the original intent should be considered when conceptualizing anger. Overreacting against the irritants also captures the notion that lack of anger control and management is common in some individu...
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