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Flordia Supreme Courts New Law (Essay Sample)


The Florida Supreme Court recently ruled that red light cameras are legal. Do you think red light cameras improve safety on Florida roads? Why or why not?


Florida Supreme Court’s New Law
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Florida Supreme Court’s New Law
When Mark Wandall died in an incident of red-light running by another motorist, the 2003 statistics on fatal crashes in Florida would indicate that he was but one of the more than 100 people who lost their lives that year alone because of failure of drivers to stop at road intersections (Kuncl, 2012). Recently, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that red-light cameras as envisaged in the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act are legal. Despite the debate over whether red light cameras improve safety on Florida roads, research evidence shows that the cameras make roads safer by reducing angle accidents and improving driver’s adherence to safety practices.
It is a well-known fact that automobile accidents are one of the major killers in the U.S. Florida is among the states with the highest death rates that result from red-light running (Michael, 2019). Statistically, 4% of the 3,000 traffic fatalities in Florida are contributed by red-light running and more than 110 people have died each year in Florida because of drivers’ failure to observe one of the most important traffic rules of stopping at a red light (Langland-Orban, Pracht, & Large, 2008). Therefore, the legalization of red-light cameras is necessary to safeguard the lives of motorists, passengers, and other road users. Moreover, there are credible studies that show the direct impacts of installing red-light cameras on Florida roads.
One of these studies by American Traffic Solutions showed that after the city of Apopka installed red-light cameras in 2007, traffic violations reduced by 87% within a year. At the same time, the number of crashes recorded at two intersections decreased by 72% and 64% respectively (Kuncl, 2012). In another investigation, 14 large cities in the U.S. recorded a 24% reduction in the number of fatal red-light running collisions after red-light cameras were inst

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