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Communications Sector. Literature and Language Essay. (Essay Sample)


Assignment Instructions Develop a six (6) page essay that fully responds to the following prompt:
Prompt: To survive and thrive in the 21st century, our society is dependent upon our nation's
critical infrastructure. Ensuring the continued functioning of all aspects of this infrastructure is a
responsibility incumbent upon all facets of our society. For this final written assignment, you are to
select one of the 16 critical infrastructure sectors determined by Presidential Policy Directive 21,
Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience, as the primary focus topic of your report.
State this topic and include/state introduction and conclusion for the appropriate paragraph.
In your report, as it relates to your chosen sector, offer the following:
- In-depth analysis of the threats and hazards currently being addressed
-The consequences to communities, states, and nation should that sector be compromised
-Measures that government (local, state and federal),as well as the private sector is currently
taking related to each of the five mission areas found within the National Preparedness Goal
(prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery)
Technical Requirements: Length: Six (6) pages total, double spaced, 1" margins, 12 pitch type in
Times New Roman font. Title page, abstract (if used) and reference list do not count towards the
required page count. Sources: You are not limited to the assigned readings within this course for
your research. Research outside of assignment readings is encouraged. You must use and document
in your paper, a minimum of six (6) academically acceptable resources for this assignment.
Citations/References: You must use the APA Reference List (Parenthetical) style for this assignment. .


Communications Sector
Communications Sector
The communications sector is an integral aspect of the United States' economic factors. Some of the components in the economy include; business operations, public safety and government (CYBERSECURITY & INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY AGENCY, n.d.). The communications sector is recognized by Presidential Policy Directive 21 as a critical component in the coordination of all infrastructural sectors. Consequently, the basic infrastructural process cannot be implemented without the coordination provided by the sector. “Over the last 25 years, the communications sector has evolved from predominantly a provider of voice services into a diverse, competitive, and interconnected industry using terrestrial, satellite, and wireless transmission systems.”
The telecoms sector has a significant task of solving the prevailing hazards and threats to ensure efficiency in the industry. Most of the issues are related to the safety and health of individuals working in the sector (Scholes, 2016). These threats affect the output of the workers and the most impact of iteration affects the people depending on their services for communication. Can the current generation of individuals live without provisions like Wi-Fi and smartphone? (Scholes, 2016) 

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