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Film Discussion: The Kid By Charlie Chaplin (Essay Sample)


1. View the film "The Kid" on SnagFilms. Warning: This is not a typical film that today's college students choose to watch. This is a Charlie Chaplin film. This will be one of the best films you will have ever seen. Trust me.
The only requirements for the viewing are:
Pay attention, from the beginning to the end, or you may miss something very important;
Keep quiet, or you may not be able to hear the conversation;
Take good notes while viewing (pause as often as you need):
2. Write a 600-word (minimum) thoughtful and critical essay of the film, focusing on at least THREE of contentious issues from the film that are still relevant to your lifetime pursuit of WELLNESS and to the general WELL-BEING of our society today. Focus on your reflection (how you feel about the issues), avoid lengthy summary.


Film Discussion
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Released in 1921, the Kid is an American silent comedy movie directed and written by Charlie Chaplin. Jackie Coogan and Charlie Chaplin played the leading roles. It was Charlie's first full-length movie as a director and a massive success of his career. The Library of Congress chose the Kid for preservation in the United States National Film Registry due to its aesthetically, culturally and historically impressive story (Chaplin, The Kid).
No doubt, the Kid is a movie with loads of smiles and tears, and that's what its title actually depicts. It has combined comedy and drama in a timeless and heartfelt form, making it one of the best silent movies of all time. During Charlie's short-lived and tumultuous relationship with Mildred Harris, the 30-year-old actor and his 18-year-old wife welcomed a baby son to this world, who died a few days after his birth. He was Charlie Chaplin's first offspring, and the star was upset at that time. The emotions of losing kids were then depicted in the Kid. Of course, it is one of the most noticeable examples of why and how this movie can be connected to one's life. Days after the untimely death of his son, Charlie started auditioning young talent for the Kid wherein his Little Tramp role became caretaker of a little boy (Chaplin, The Kid).

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