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Film and Literature of King Arthur (Essay Sample)

Write at least three paragraphs, up to 7 or 8, for each question. 1) Monty Python and the Holy Grail and The Fisher King all use elements of the Arthurian tradition in twentieth-century settings. Discuss how these films approach the Arthurian myth differently and how that changes the audiences' perception of the Arthurian elements of the films. 2) The differences between the medieval romances (Marie de France and Chretien de Troyes) and the other genres such as the history writing of Geoffery of Monmouth and Christian allegories of The Quest of the Holy Grail are distinct. Choose one romance and one of the other two medieval works and discuss how they address the Arthurian legend. Be sure to note both differences and similarities in the way they address the material. 3) The critic Robert Scholes has argued that film is a powerful medium because it allows the viewer to see things in ways not allowed in real life. Film can slow events down, speed them up, give us close-ups, and add music for dramatic effect. Despite these features, literary works offer vivid imagery for the reader that often evokes stronger images than film (thus, the book was better argument). In this class we watched a number of films and read a number of books that dealt with the same material. Choosing two works, one film and one literary work, discuss the different ways they represented similar material. source..
Film and Literature of King Arthur
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(January 14, 2012)
Film and Literature of King Arthur
Monty Python and the Holy Grail are hilarious comedies with a lot of humor inside them. The comedic creative abilities that the author has used to come up with the play make it different from others. For instance the Monty Python and the Holy Grail begins with some innovative credit which captures the attention of the audience. The films also have a sober score background sounds that plays first before the wrinkle appears. Likewise the subtitles have also assumed a new look of extolling the virtues of the moose instead of translating the credits. It is also evident that at the end the credits are differently styled though at a great expense which enable them to be flashed up and appear on the screen with gaudy colors.
Unlike in the other Arthurian myths, the film has irrelevant humor which does not capture audience mind as we get into the action. And as it is obvious with the rest of his literatures, King Arthur is unable to gather countrywide support which very important to his leadership. We are also able to understand that his kingship is somehow compromised by his unfair and repressing deeds.
The entire sexual content in the film also make it necessary to have some parental guidance on the films. This is why it was rated to be watched by people above the age of 13 years. There is a lot of sexual innuendos and propositions, but the author has structured his rapid-fire jokes in a funny way which makes it difficult for the youngest teens to understand and comprehend. Likewise God is depicted as an animated figure who is tired of overly contrite and depressing followers.
According to the mediaeval literatures...
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