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Comparing Assignment Of The Fault In Our Stars Book and Movie (Essay Sample)


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Comparison of Fault in Our Stars Book and MovieNameInstitutional AffiliationDate
In this world of book adaptations, there are various instances when the books appear to compare the fictional counterparts truly. Given that most of the books require the time commitment, they offer more details. The books also give the audience a chance so that they can view the world from their won perspectives after reading about a particular character in the book.
The first aspect of comparison is the plot. In the development of the plot of the film, there are aspects which have been omitted. While reading the book, you will realize that the parents of Augustus Waters are not willing to let him go downstairs to watch with Hazel Grace without supervision CITATION Cas15 \l 1033 (Casey, 2015). Instead, they let Gus to show her the basement and they watch the film from the living room. On the other hand, the film we are shown that both of them go downstairs without getting guidance from their parents (p. 35). Another scene that is present in the plot development of the book but missing in the movie is the incidence where Hazel and Mr. Lancaster hear Gus crying and yelling at his mother before leaving on their trip to Amsterdam. In the book, the conversation foreshadows the return of Gus’ cancer.
The second aspect of comparison is the characters of the movie and the book. Even though the characters are the same, with the same internal and external traits, there are other characters who are missing in the film. In the book, there is a character named Kaitlyn who is the friend of Hazel. She is up to speed on her budding romance with Gus and also has interest in the latest fashions (p. 43). Contrary, in the film, there is no such character CITATION Lei14 \l 1033 (Leigh, 2014). In the book, the former girlfriend of Augustus called Caroline Mathers who died of brain cancer a few years earlier weighs on Hazel’s mind in the book. On the other side, there is neither the mention of Caroline nor the effect of her death on Gus.
Another aspect of comparison is the mood. The general mood of the film is good and it reflects the mood that is in the book although there are certain aspects which are missing in the film that make the mood to deviate from that in the book. When they go for a dinner date, Gus and Hazel enjoy a picturesque dinner outside as they overlook the elm trees on the canal (p. 128). The venue sets the mood in the book to be so romantic. However, in the film, Gus and Hazel eat inside the restaurant even though the meal includes champagne and dragon carrot risotto CITATION Lei14 \l 1033 (Leigh, 2014). The setting in the film is not as such as romantic as it was in the book. In the book, there are a variety of birthdays that Hazel’s mom celebrates such as Bastil...
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