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Fatality (Essay Sample)

Read the story. Fatality! by Paula Gaetos Here is a pdf of the story. http://gandt(dot)blogs(dot)brynmawr(dot)edu/files/2009/03/gaetos020.pdf 1. Who is the girl in the story. 2. Summarize her story. No sources needed. Thank you! source..
Who is the girl in the story?
The girl in the story is a 21-year old who narrates about how her passion for video games has made her develop her own unique identity.
Summarize her story.
Ever since she was six-years of age, the girl used to enjoy playing video games. She would most often go to the neighbors’ houses to play video games with the boys. When she was eleven and reached puberty, monthly periods began to affect her gaming with the boys, who started to avoid her. She then started to socialize more with girls. Her feminine side grew with every experience that she gained in shopping for clothes with the girls, reading fashion magazines and doing each other’s makeup, although there was drama that came along in hanging out with the girls.
When her mother saw the feminine changes in her, she gave away her video games. With no boys to hang out with, no video games and the need to stay away from drama, she immersed herself in watching television and reading young-adult books. Before joining high school, her parents bought a computer, which she used to look up fan sites for animation as well as science fiction shows. When she joined high school, she was eager to make her own fan site, and after school, she would spend most of the time on the internet. Her parents t...
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