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Article Reviews – Fake News And Stories Websites (Essay Sample)


The journal will be submitted, online, at the end of the semester. For the first seven weeks of the semester, students collect online articles either about fake news, articles that are fake news, or articles or news items that someone is claiming is fake news. Students must provide working links to the articles; sum up the article in 280 characters (like a tweet), and provide an informed view (informed by the course material, especially as the weeks go on) of the piece (200 words maximum). For the second seven weeks of the semester, students collect online articles pertaining to debates about sex and gender. Working links to the articles are required. A summary of each article (280 characters) is required. And, and informed view of the article is required (250 maximum).


Article Reviews
[Name of the Student]
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Article reviews – Fake News
Article 1
The article “Pamela Anderson Death Hoax” on a fake news website mentioned that the former Baywatch star died at the age of 50, but this is just a death hoax which reflects fake news similar to other celebrities. The false site has so unpretentiously shaped itself after ABC News that a quick look can assure the most discriminating readers.
Informed View
It has been perceived that the fake news as a hoax story appeared on the 15th of March 2018, as a report that ex-Baywatch star Pamela Anderson passed away. However, this was not considered as a genuine updated story because it was not published officially on the authorized News websites. This fake story was updated on, a copy that was prominently selected to fool and insist readers to believe and follow this particular news website. The aim of the news website is to make people believe that they are visiting a genuine news website which comprises of relevant and exact news updates. It is also informed that the fake website has replicated a graphic which resembles the real logo of ABC News in order to gain some credibility to their unsure article. The informed view demonstrates that the actress's social media profiles have been active from the date this news was published, thus, she has not yet reacted or stated on this particular death hoax about her. It can be stated that there is no truth in this story. The original news goes by the while the fake website claims the link as This is considered as a significant difference between original and fake website.
Article 2
In the article “California Judge: Coffee Needs Cancer Warnings” superior court judge Elihu Berle states that the law in California needs coffee making companies mention an ominous cancer cautionary label because there is a chemical produced during the process of roasting.
Informed View
The article clearly mentioned the views of the judge based on the side effects of the procedure of roasting coffee. According to the judge, coffee companies such as Starbucks failed to show that the risk from the chemical was irrelevant. Additionally, the article mentions that The Council for education and Research toxics sued an international coffee brand Starbucks and other similar companies. However, this can simply be considered as a fake news because these companies are working internationally under the restricted laws related to health. As well as, it shows that the registered coffee companies failed to prove that there was no significant risk of drinking coffee. To affect the reputation of the companies the fake news also mentioned that the lawyers and officials of Starbucks did not respond immediately to the serious concern raised by them. While writing numerous health issues and serious illness as cancer the article wanted to divert the attention of people.
Article 3
The article “Is ‘Super' Antenna Octa Air a Legitimate Replacement for Cable” has significantly highlighted the so-called latest technology where a distrustful commercial used modified photographs and overstated claims in order to promote a new “super” antenna called Octa Air.
Informed View
The article claims that a new super antenna named as Octa Air is an authentic replacement for cable used to watch television that can provide people with numerous of free HDTV channels. The false about the news is the images that accompany it have been doctored. However, the truth is that Octa Air is considerably an antenna for television which provides access to local OTA channels. As observed,...

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