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Factors Affecting Public Perceptions of Police Essay (Essay Sample)


Discuss factors that affect the public’s perception of police. Include in your response both positive and negative factors that influence how a community perceives law enforcement agencies.
According to your textbook, four categories guide police decision-making. Discuss those categories. Which category do you believe has the most influence over police decision-making?
Describe the functions of peacekeeping and maintaining order.
Support your writing assignment with two (2) outside scholarly articles.


Factors Affecting Public Perceptions of Police
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Factors Affecting Public Perceptions of Police
Public perception of the police is uncertain. The uncertainty of opinion is evident in many ways. First, they are some people who view the police force as their enemies, while others see them as friends. People's view depends on the situation they find themselves with the police force. In many cases, when the public is facing some problems, it welcomes law enforcement agencies to protect them (Sismanidis, 2015). On the other hand, when they are involved in criminal cases, they push them away. Positive public perception of the police can lead to excellent cooperation, which can enhance effective policing. Contrary, a negative public opinion of the police can result in unrest and disobedience that can lead to inadequate policing. In modern society, their various factors that influence the public perception of police.
First, public perception is influenced by the direct contact or experience of the police and the public. A good contact experience can result in favorable effects, while bad contact experience can lead to negative impacts (Hennigan & Sloane, 2002). There various types of direct encounters between the public and police; they include formal and informal contacts. Formal contacts include instigated calls by the public to the police. In most cases, these contacts involve a request for services or police-initiated interrogative and investigation. On the other hand, informal contacts include public police conversations that happen when the officers are on patrol (Sismanidis, 2015). Most of the people tend to develop a positive perception when police quickly respond to their problems. Contrary, they form a negative attitude when they experience some delays.

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