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Describe Factors That Make College Students Succeed (Essay Sample)


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Factors That Make College Students Succeed
Factors That Make College Students Succeed
What brings out the difference between average and successful college students? Doing well in school and obtaining good grades is the ultimate desire of all college students. However, despite the fact that most students join the learning institutions at the same time, there is always a difference in the performance of the students. Some students obtain good grades; some are average while others exhibit poor performance. Students, who perform well in their school usually, are depicted by the facts that they take the initiatives to ensure that their performance is excellent. Consequently, they exhibit a holistic outcome, illustrated in their character and personality. The characteristics of successful students show in qualities including their class participation, organization, and focus.
The way students organize themselves will determine the level of success that they are likely to achieve .in this case, organization, entails some factors, including how the students manage their time and how they arrange their work. Successful students will always be keen on ensuring that they divide their time in a manner that they have enough time for engaging in all activities that are necessary for their excellent performance. For instance, they will ensure that they have enough time for both academics and leisure. As much as succeeding in school is mainly based on academic work, successful students understand that taking time to rest is also essential in performing well. The students will also organize their work in a manner that they are in a position to keep a record of what they have learned. Additionally, the work is in a way that they can easily access the class participation that requires for the sake of revision. In my own experience, there was a semester that I did not bother to file my notes and test results well. As a result, I could not get them during the time that I needed to study fo

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