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The Factors Which Influence Students' Decisions To Pursue Or Disregard Post-secondary Education (Essay Sample)


Do not use extra complicated words. Because I already wrote about 700 words, I just need the last part of my essay. I already made the thesis statement, please follow the three factor I mentioned in the beginning paragraph to write the last part. And also I need a conclusion. About my writing, I hope you can revise the grammar error for me. Thank you very much.
I need turn in it tomorrow morning, please finish it in 12 hours.


Xinyuan Song
Project 3 – Final draft
The factors which influence students' decisions to pursue or disregard post-secondary education
The employment status is always an important factor used when evaluating the economic ability of a country. According to the data reported from the table of United States Department of Labor, the employment-population ratio of teenagers who are 16-19 years old has increased from 27.9% to 30.9% between March 2016 and March 2017. This indicates that there are more and more students who choose to find jobs after they graduate from High school or even before graduation instead of pursuing secondary education. However, this number just represents the decision of a small portion of students who are over 16 years old. Most of the teenagers choose to pursue the post-secondary education after they graduate from High school. In my opinion, there are three main factors would influence students' decisions of pursuing or disregarding post- secondary education: the family factor, the self-interest factor and the social factor.
The family factor is the most important and realistic factor which influences students' decision. Basing on the research of Emmeline Zhao, over the last four decades, the cost of college has increased nearly three-fold, rising 5 to 6 percent above the rate of inflation. In 2015-16, average annual tuition and fees were $32,405 for a nonprofit private school and $9,410 for a public school. The expensive tuition over a nonprofit private school and public school is the major difficulty which parents and students encounter when they make de

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