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Extended Writing On The Book 1984 Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


This assignment is an extended writing for my IB language and literature class, on the Book "1984"George Orwell. The topic is not limited as long as it is one that represents an idea of the book from one of the characters aspect, could be the main character, the ones that are bad, or ones that are not important. The main point is to extend the plot , for example, one character could have a hidden diary that shows a deeper meaning of a certain event.
The general instruction from the teacher: This task is potentially one that could be sent to the IB to be externally moderated. There are plenty of important elements to understand to succeed, but it is crucial to know that the choices you make to show your knowledge and understanding will have a big impact on your grade. You are given a great deal of scope to decide how and what to write. Your rationale will explain these decisions and why they demonstrate the understanding of the learning outcomes.
You are to write a written task (800-1000 words) based on a work of literature we studied and provide a rationale (200-300 words). Please remember to include a cover page with the following:
M18 English A Lang and Lit [candidate code]
Written Task: Part Three
Rationale Word Count: [#]
Written Task Word Count: [#]
Your Cover Page, Rationale (200-300 words) and Written Task (800-1000 words) should all be on the same document. You may find your candidate code under IB Study Materials.
The task consists several aspects: (1)First a 200 words rational about : What is the rationale or purpose for your Written Task? Why did you choose this approach? What did you enjoy/not enjoy about the text? What did you think of the choices that the author made? What literary aspects stood out to you? What aspects of the text do you want to examine? What was the impact of the text on you as a reader? How does your Written Task connect to the things we learned in class?
(2)Getting Started
You first need to decide on which aspect of the literary text your written task will be based.
Next you need to identify the following – target audience, theme, purpose and the text type (again, you cannot choose a text type you have already used on a previous written task).
Determine what specific kinds of literary features should be used and how they will achieve your purposes for the written task.
Think about the Elements of Fiction you see in the text and how the author uses those literary features.
Consider what appealed to you or repelled you in the text. How might you use that as an approach in your Written Task?
Think about the response/reaction you expect from your target audience as a result of your written task and how you need to use language to bring about the desired reaction or response.
Your 800-1000 words will either use the literary techniques and language style of the literary work it is based on, or it will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of those techniques, so you should identify these literary techniques and devices ahead of time and set out to imitate or explicate them.
Your 200-300 word rationale will explain how your written task fits with the audience, context, purpose, genre (text type), and literary text on which it is based. It will also specifically link your written task to the relevant learning outcomes of the language and literature course (literary analysis based on the list of analytical tools listed further below).


M18 English A Lang and Lit [candidate code] Written Task: Part ThreeDate Rationale Word Count: [256]Written Task Word Count: [855]
Extended Writing on the book "1984"
Throughout history, several events and narrative have modeled our behavior and awakened our intellectual capacities. Notable activists and authors have presented startling pieces of literature sharing their thoughts, views, and prediction about the society. The novel written by George Orwell, 1984, represents his vision and thoughts about the world. Orwell describes the negative consequences of not questioning the authority. He describes how the world would look like if things kept going the way were.
This essay examines George Orwell predicted comparing it to the modern world to analyze if Orwell's predictions were right. The focus of the essay to review Orwell's ideas about the dangers of a totalitarian state and analyze to what extent has George Orwell's novel 1984 become a reality today.
George Orwell's novel 1984 is written in protest against the totalitarian government. In his book, Orwell reacts to the abuses by Stalin government and imagines how a totalitarian state could be viewed from a different context. The novel warns readers of the many dangers of specific individuals being given too many powers. In his novel, Orwell focuses on how government tends to maintain power, which at times lead to abuse and misuse of resources.
I found George prediction very interesting because his political predictions are similar to the current political situation in most parts of the world today. In my view, Orwell was right because he predicted that the government would use unorthodox means like surveillance, Newspeak, war and other methods to control people. There are several examples today that illustrate Orwell's predictions.
George warned readers, telling them the situation people are likely to face in the future because many governments are determined to hold power at all cost. George kept readers aware about the future social and political situation worldwide. As we all know, the most government would want to control people's thoughts to maintain power to the extent of using unjustifiable methods; this is what Orwell describes the dangers of a totalitarian state.
According to Orwell, the government controls every aspect of people's lives, subjecting them to constant surveillance. In his book, Orwell describes a world where citizens controlled, manipulated by the government using several ways like surveillance and the idea of Big Brother. The phrase big brother is watching you is described several times in the novel to emphasize on the intrusive nature of a totalitarian state.
The Big Brother slogan reminds readers that citizens are under the government's radar. The phrase represents the abusive nature of the government in

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