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Exploring the Conversation. Open Educational Resources (Essay Sample)


The Conversation is a non-profit media outlet providing news commentary written by academics and researchers, which aims to “inform public debate with knowledge-based journalism that is responsible, ethical and supported by evidence [and to] unlock the knowledge of researchers and academics to provide the public with clarity and insight into society’s biggest problems.”
Start at The Conversation Edition: Canada,(https://theconversation(dot)com/ca) where you will find to many opinion pieces connected to current news items and public concerns. Before you go further, look up at the top left corner to find a drop-down list of other editions, some in other languages. For this assignment, let’s stick to the English-language editions.
Explore any English-language edition of The Conversation, looking for an article that is suitable for this assignment. You’ll need an article that describes an important problem and then proposes some solutions (or at least some positive responses) to the problem.
For your chosen article, write an essay that follows the plan of organization below.
Plan of Organization
Title: Not necessary.
Introduction: In one paragraph, briefly summarize the content of the article. Your first sentence must include the article title exactly as given on the website, and the name(s) of the author(s).
Body Paragraphs: In one paragraph, summarize the problem as described by the author(s). In further paragraphs, summarize the solutions as proposed by the author(s). As much as possible, use your own words. If you need to quote to be precise, then use quotation marks.
Conclusion: In one or more paragraphs, summarize your personal thoughts on the importance of the problem, and on the value of the proposed solutions.
The response is a multi-paragraph essay of 300-600 words that follows the plan of organization. The content is well-developed to address the assignment task. The writing shows consistent control of sentence structure and language conventions—grammar, usage, syntax, punctuation, spelling, capitalization—so that the intended meaning is always clear, despite some errors.


Open Educational Resources
The article “Text books could be free if universities awarded professors for writing them” was written by James M. Skidmore on 5th November 2019. Textbooks have proven to be expensive in the recent past, as a result some students have endorsed an online campaign #textbookbroke. The students intend to draw attention to the challenges they face due to the high cost of learning materials. Skidmore proposes a solution to this problem, which is open educational resources (OER). OER are learning materials produced by scholars and offered free of charge. Therefore, writers make their materials available online such that students no longer buy text books.

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