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Explain three reasons why people volunteer in activities in their community (Essay Sample)

Explain three reasons why people volunteer in activities in their community. Introduction - including a thesis statement and conclusion these are the three reason why (1) Unique Opportunities (2) Skills and Experience (3) Give Something Back use these three things in my eassy (1) Introduction and thesis statement and conclusion and support in the body pargraphs source..

In life, it is always important to give something back to the community. For many years, a good number of people have shown through actions that they can offer some services to community they came from at no cost. The act of volunteering is on the rise, with many people offering their services absolutely free. As a result, there are a number of organizations and individuals who readily offer their services for the benefit of their community or disadvantaged communities. These have given rise to a number of organization that coordinated volunteer services, for example the Non Governmental Organization ( NGO), which offer their services to the community at no charge or at subsidized charges. This paper will therefore look at some of the reasons why people volunteer in activities of their communities.
There are many benefits that are associated with being a volunteer. People are able to assist the community from which they were brought up in through skills and knowledge that they have attained. It is a sign of togetherness and collaboration that makes the community appreciate the effort made by such individuals. Most communities are known to have a strong attachment with successful people from their communities. Most people like volunteering, which is a good sign of giving back to community from which an individual came up from. When people offer services back to communities they came from, they in away influence and motivate the community to give value to education. This makes such communities support and encourage their children to pursue their career to the fullest, which will lead to an enlightened community
This notwithstanding, volunteering gives individual an opportunity to work in some organization that he/she could however not have had opportunity to work with.. in most cases, an individual has to go through a rigorous recruitment procedure to get an opportunity to show how good he is in his area of specialization. As a volunteer, an individual is able to get such opportunities without much struggle. There are instances where the groups looking for volunteer inducts them on what to do. This becomes an opportunity for the volunteer to learn new skills, gain knowledge and above all, offer his services for free.
The other reason why people volunteer is to gain skills and experience. Most of the time, people fresh from the college lack working skills and experience, which makes them start with volunteering in order to gain relevant skills in their field. Many employing organization normally look for individuals who have ...
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