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Examples From Literature Of How Watsons Theory Of Caring Has Been Used (Essay Sample)


1:Provide examples from the literature of how the theory has been used.
2:Describe how the theory will be integrated into practice at your institution (or how it will be used as a foundation, framework, etc.). This is an action plan.
3:Give concrete examples of how theory would be integrated (e.g., assessment guide) and what patient outcomes could be measured as a result of implementing the theory.
I have to receive this paper by tomorrow 7/3/2018 by 3pm est time or earlier please.


Watson’s Theory of Caring
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Part 1
Jean Watson, a nursing professor from the United States, is widely known for her theory of human caring. According to this theory, various complications, whether minor or severe, can be cured with proper attention and timely treatment. Nurses can play a better role in this regard than any doctor. A nurse is primarily responsible for promoting health and wellness, preventing illnesses and restoring the health of her patients in one way or the other. In her article titled The Meaning of Caring In Nursing Practice, Nancy Blasdell writes that patients, whether poor or rich, should be respected and taken care of. It is not just the responsibility of a doctor to prescribe medications to them, but also of a nurse. For nurses, it is essential to strengthen their profession in multiple ways, justify different practices, and systemize the care (Blasdell, 2017). In an article published in the Nursing in Critical Care journal, Catherin Howes mentions that developed countries have invested a lot in research and training for nurses, considering them a must part of the healthcare system. Nurses are being prepared to not only treat patients but also provide them with the utmost attention and care during working hours (Howes, 2014).
Part 2
There is a lot to inspire from Jean Watson’s theory of human caring. First of all, it teaches us how vital nurses are for any hospital and clinic. Secondly, it talks about the ways nurses can opt to assist patients. We have now learned that unlike d

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