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Personal Dilemma: Ethical Dilemma Paper (Essay Sample)

Individual Assignment: Ethical Dilemma Paper - Write paper in which you discuss an ethical dilemma from a current story in the news. Address the following in your paper: o The nature of the dilemma o The ethical decision made o Alternative courses of action and why o The outcome of the situation - Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines source..

Personal Dilemma
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Following Syria's chemical weapons attacks on civilians in rebel territories on August 21st this year, there has been increasing debate with regards to the ethics of "intervention" by other countries (Bowen, 2013). In particular, the US has been involved in the matter at a greater depth. President Barack Obama has been tasked with deciding whether to protect Syrian civilians by military intervention or to respect the will of US Congress. On one hand, the international community has an obligation to defend civilians when their own government cannot; thus, it is an ethical obligation to protect civilians. On the other hand, president Obama has a greater ethical obligation of respecting the will of US congress, which is to explore diplomacy with Syrian government and its leader: Bashar al-Assad (Bowen, 2013). With regards to the current Congress, a more parochial, partisan and cooperation-averse group is difficult to imagine.
Owing to international duties and ability, the US has a responsibility to safeguard the lives of Syrian citizens. A requirement, which applies only to actions which are...
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