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Ethical Dilemma. Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


write a 2 page summary and analysis of a ethical dilemma you will need to indicate examples of the 3 dimensions of ethics in the examples; personal, social and conservation

.be written in the thrid- party piont of view
summarize the ethical dilemma and identify the deimensions of ethics
develop a thesis statement which indicates your overall controlling ideal about the ethical direlemma
present examples from reliable resource to support your claim
expain why this issue is relevant and import to resolove
determine and analyze the futurevquestion and complications of this debate
conclude with a paragraph that summarize the information you presented and it importance


Ethical Dilemma
Student’s Name
Ethical Dilemma
Telling or not telling the truth to terminally ill patients has been a dilemma for health care professionals for many years due to diseases such as cancer which meant certain death. However, as medicine has advanced, there are now different prognoses for various diseases (Punjani, 2013); hence different decision-making processes depending on the context. Medical professionals are often bombarded by ethical dilemmas that are dependent on various dimensions, for instance, conservation, social, and personal. Internally, the medical practitioner, is conflicted on whether to uphold the highest competence to serve self and others. Moreover, the duty of service expected for the client can also run to other individuals who have a special relationship with the patient, other professionals, or the community as a whole. The dilemma arises when the interests of the client are in conflict with the interest of other interested parties. The medical practitioners are also expected to be committed not only to the patient but also to public service (Iacovino, 2002). Consequently, this paper holds that considering the evolving context upon which medical decisions are made, certain principles, for example, non-maleficence, beneficence, and autonomy should be considered before concluding to tell or not to tell.

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