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Natural Selection (Essay Sample)

I'll attach the details. i attached a file it has an eight questions i need you to write me 1 page each question since my order is eight pages. source..
QTN. 1. Natural Selection
Natural selection is a process through which some distinct biological traits become more conspicuous or less conspicuous in a population due to some consistent factors that exist in reproduction or survival of their bearers. Natural selection is considered as being pivotal in evolution processes. While attempting to elaborate natural selection through inculcating the ideas of sexual selection, Charles Darwin brought out the idea of genetic variation as being one of the factors can affect reproductive processes. Therefore, genetic variation can cause some individuals appropriately reproduce and survive than others hence explaining the role of natural selection. Natural selection acts on the visible characteristics (the phenotype) of a living thing while the heritable basis (genetic) creates a reproductive advantage that will remain conspicuous and common in a specific population (Eisley, 1958). With time, this process culminates into adaptations that rise to make particular populations known for specific characteristics and can eventually evolve to new species. Therefore, natural selection stands out as a crucial process through which evolution takes occurs in a particular population.
Natural selection acts as a sieve through which some particular characteristics can be passed on for instance in the evolution of hominids. Hominids were basically tribal animals who were bipedal. The earliest hominids were Australopithecus who were bipedal with a cranial capacity of approximately 450cc, were small and apelike. As the Australopithecus continued to reproduce, these distinct characteristics remained prominent in their offspring but in a more evolved manner. This resulted into the human genus Homo in which these characteristics were exhibited as being more advanced. The Homo Habilis had a cranial capacity of 750cc and it later evolved to give birth to Homo erectus that had the brain capacity of 900cc and finally the Homo erectus evolved to Homo Sapiens who had a cranial capacity of 1350cc. This depicts the importance of natural selection as the cranial capacity remained prominent but in a more advanced way.
Qtn. 2. Paleoanthroplogy
Paleoanthography combines the fields of paleontology and physical anthropology in explaining human evolution. It mainly focuses on biological changes that have occurred over time and contributed to the existence of Homo sapiens. Palaeantropology applies various fundamental concepts in elaborating its findings on human evolution. It inculcates concepts such as punctuated equilibrium, natural selection, design and particular scenarios to explain its research.
Paleonthologists such as Charles Darwin, Richard Owen and Thomas Huxley argue that man has evolved over time to become an homo sapien (Eisley, 1958). Thomas Huxley illustrates many similarities and differences between humans and apes. The three depict the fact that human beings descended from apes. They are of opini...
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