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Social inequality and Social Stratification (Essay Sample)

Comment on these statements, include in your answers all relevant materials from the readings, lectures ect. Easch answer must be accompanied by 12 refrences from the text.(kerbo h. Stratification and inequality,Mcgraw-hill.) 1.Social inequality is an unconsciousley evolved device by which societies insure that the most important positions are conscientiously filed by the most qualified persons.\" K davies and W .moore \"Social stratificaion systems function to limit the possibility of discovery for the full range of talent available in a society. This results from the fact of unequal access to appropriate motivation, channels of recruitment and centers of training\" M tumin. 2.The characteristics of our age is that is has simplified the antagonisms between the classes and the whole of society is becoming increasingly divided into two classes in direct opposition to one another \" K marx source..

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(24th March, 2011)
Social Stratification
1. (a) Comment on Social inequality is an unconsciously evolved device by which societies insure that the most qualified persons by K Davies and W .Moore conscientiously file the most important positions
Davies and Moore
According to Kerbo 2002 p.32, Davies and Moore stood in the idea that no society is un-stratified. In their article that they wrote in 1945, they explain the necessity that calls forth for social system stratification. They specified the factors that ensure that society is ranked in various positions.
In the book “Stratification and Inequality” Kerbo 2002, p.51 argument was that each individual society must be motivated by the society. By attaining the position stratified by society, diligent performance of the duties is met. Some o the positions according to them required certain abilities to ensure that they are ell done. Talent is also another paramount element as stated by Kerbo 2002. p 62 that is required in the society. Talent and ability to perform a certain function is regarded as more important by the society (Kerbo 2002 p.61).
Since in the society trained and talented personnel are scarce, they proposed that there must a differential method to ensure that rewards are well distributed Kerbo 2002 p.52,. This is done tonsure that appropriate personnel in the society are motivated and inspired to hold certain positions Kerbo, 2002, p. 51). They are required to be well trained to ensure that they perform their duties diligently.
As stated by Kerbo 2002, p.69 they proposed rewards that was categorized into three types. The first one was reward would ensure that the individuals were sustained and made comfort. The second one would make them be respected in the society and have ego expansion; while the last one would contribute to humor and diversion in their life (Kerbo, 2002, p43).
The two determinants of these rewards were functional importance of the position as well as the scarcity of talent and training in the society according to Kerbo, (2002, p.96). The distribution that leads to unequal distribution of the rewards is then determined by the above factors (Kerbo 2002 p.90); (Kerbo 2002 p.82). Therefore, no matter how much the society tries to fight ...
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