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Essay on Reading Assignments (Essay Sample)

ASSIGNMENT 05 AN310 Cultural Anthropology Directions: Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English spelling and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be one (1) single-spaced page in length; refer to the "Assignment Format" page for specific format requirements. Read “Communication Technologies That Will Change Our Lives” by Graham T. T. Molitor and “Technology and Social Change: The Effects on Family and Community,” by Dr. J. A. English-Lueck. These are located in the Reading Assignments for this lesson (Lesson 5). You will notice that some of the technological problems discussed in Molitor's article have already been resolved; focus on what Molitor says about technology and the family. In an essay, respond to the following issues. Be sure that you do not copy and paste anything from the article; summarize correctly and document using APA format. NOTE: 15 points of the grade on this essay are allocated to essay format and Standard English grammar and usage conventions as well as APA format. Begin by comparing the two author's opinions on how technology has changed family life, enhanced family life, or has not changed family life. Give examples in your discussion. Then discuss any of the following issues as they relate to technology in your family and lifestyle. How are you and your family affected personally by technology? Have relationships changed because of technology, or are they the same but carried out differently? Have family relationships been enhanced or hurt by new communication technologies (or are they the same)? Your essay will be graded on the following scale. Grading Scale: A. How Molitor thinks technology has affected the family 30 points B. Summary of English-Lueck's observations on the family 30 points C. Personal affect of technological communications on family 25 points D. Essay format and ease of reading 15 points THIS IS THE END OF ASSIGNMENT 05. Reading Assignments - Open the hyperlinks below Text Readings Introducing Cultural Anthropology, Chapter 9, and the two articles below. Molitor, G. T. T (2003, January). Communication technologies that will change our lives. USA Today. English-Lueck, J. A. (1998, June 18). Effects of technology on family and community. COSSA Congressional Seminar. source..
TECHNOLOGY AND ITS EFFECTS ON FAMILIES Name: Grade Course: Tutor`s Name: (04 March 2012) Technology and Its Effects on Families Graham, Molitor and Dr J. English-Luek have analyzed diverse functions of technology and their effects on family lives. The effects of technology according to the two authors can be taken as on families are multi-dimensional, rather than one-dimension. The upgrading of technology affects communication, ways of entertainment, information delivery and reception, electronics, as well as mobile appliances. Such effects have ended up shaping family lives in all areas. According to Monitor, communication is one area that technology has contributed a lot, as a result, has altered the living style of individuals in a family. However, generally, technology upgrade is making everyone to be accessible at any time, and anywhere at a cheaper cost. Improvement tin communication technology is making people`s life much more comfortable as compared to what used to be in the past. Moreover, communication technology is making family life far much convenient to life. I...
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