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Essay About my Writing Process (Essay Sample)


Write a one-page essay describing your writing process, again using the first-person point of view. As much as possible, try to describe your typical steps. For example: Do you free write? Do you brainstorm? Do you outline? Do you show your work to others? Do you revise a lot or a little? When are you satisfied with a piece of writing?


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Date:Essay about My Writing Process
The writing process is a personal process which when perfected can be done in minimal time. Writing is a natural routine process that I have perfected over the years. The more I write using some personal step-to-step guidelines the easier the process becomes and the less time consuming. My personal routine consists of four steps that I follow diligently for production of quality work.
Prewriting is the first process that involves brainstorming with my classmates. This process gives me a better understanding of the selected topic and the various ways of approaching and tackling the topic. In case of no selected topic, this stage helps in research taking and the collection of information from around my environment in order to come up with the most adequate topic. The key procedure of this step includes thinking through my ideas, outlining them and finally creating a plan and a structure for my ideas.
Writing is my next process and it involves free writing. This means that I get to write down my plan without paying attention to grammar errors such as sentence structure and word count in a rough draft. In my opinion, the writing process should be uninterrupted and therefore I prefer writing in a quiet environment to avoid unnecessary interruptions.
Revising, editing, and rewriting make up the third process. This is the most important step in my writing process as it creates the final draft. During this process, I go to the extent of multiple proofreading in order to...
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