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Errors in Human Sex Determination (Essay Sample)


Keep the following guiding questions in mind as you complete this activity taking care to ensure your response address them:
•Can sex determination be the result of errors and environmental factors? 
•Does sex testing for sporting events make any sense?
•Which types of tests are valid and how are they valid? What do they demonstrate? 
Complete the assigned readings (Activity One).
Prepare an essay of about 200 words addressing the following: Argue in favor of regulating environmental estrogens presenting evidence specifically related to these chemicals and sexual development in the animal kingdom.
You should not need or use any references other than the class materials.
Make sure to write in your own words as much as possible, using quotation marks and internal citations if you must cite the text directly. Always include page numbers if you cite the text


Errors in Human Sex Determination
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•Can sex determination be the result of errors and environmental factors? 

Sex determination is a system, biological in nature that determines different sexual characteristics in organisms that reproduce sexually to either form male or female sexes. In most circumstances, sex allocation is independent of environmental factors. Sex is often determined by genetic conflicts. In amphibians and reptiles however, studies have shown that environmental factors have a significant influence on the sex of turtles and crocodilian reptiles. Temperature is usually the most influential environmental sex determining factor when it comes to cold blooded creatures like reptiles. When it comes to humans, environmental factors have little or no effect in sex determination. Genetic factors are more influential on human sex determination than environmental factors.
•Does sex testing for sporting events make any sense?
Sex testing for sporting events makes sense. Naturally, women should not have testosterone levels that are within the male range. If for instance a female athlete has very high testosterone levels, she would gain competitive advantage over her other female counterparts due to her ability to compete with male related characteristics. Scientists believe that these high levels of testosterone in women cause development of bulky muscles that may present an unfair competitive advantage.
•Which types of tests are valid and how are they valid? What do they demonstrate? 
Sexual determination tests are carried out to either predict a certain outcome or to determine the sex of an animal or a human that exhibits physical traits of one sex but genetic characteristics of another. Due to their ability to...
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