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English language learners and effective classroom management strategies (Essay Sample)

ELL Paper: The student will review current research(at least 3 sources) regarding English Language Learners (ELL) and effective classroom management strategies. The body of this paper will be a minumum of 3 pages in length and include references. Explain how you will create a positive classroom environment to accomodate the various learning styles and cultural background of students. The paper must address how you will support ELLs in the classroom by addressing the following: classroom enviroment, use of appropriate speech, opportunities for inteaction, developing literacy skills , learning strategies assesment, and parental communication. source..
ELLs and Effective Classroom Management Name Course College Tutor July 19, 2013 Effective Classroom Management In order for the English-language learners (ELLs) to be proficient and fruitful in their learning experience, the teachers need to provide them with ample opportunities to intermingle and relate with the others in both social and academic situations. Additionally, teachers must encourage student participation in class discussions, welcome their contributions, and prompt them by such interactive practices so that they may able to achieve confidence and adeptness in speaking English language. The preponderance of teacher talk and their use of questions determine the talk time they share with the students. On the other hand, the quantity and quality of the interactions that a teacher shares with the ELL students determines their cognitive skills and their ability to comprehend and learn English as a second language. In order for an ELL teacher to be effective in his teaching strategies he must cultivate an amiable learning environment to ensure that the students are at ease and can communicate freely giving them a chance to hone their English skills. Classroom environment The teacher should create visual displays, and make use of white boards when giving instructions to the students. Furthermore, the instructor should create word walls and arrange high-frequency words in an alphabetical order and organizing them at all the access points for the students. Another very effective method to capture the memory of the students is by creating print-rich environments by making use of bulleting boards, with articles, words of the day and game play strategies (Clancy& Hruska, 2005). Appropriate use of speech It is imperative for the teacher to be slow enough for the students to hear and emulate the spelling and pronunciation of the words being spoken. To make sure that the teacher is effective in utilizing appropriate speech he must make use of short sentences, utilize present tense words, gestures, demonstrations and examples (Moughamian et al, 2009).These devices help the students to grasp the English concepts faster and have a better memory in recalling the lessons. In order for the speech to be effective while training the ELLs the teacher should utilize many mediums in conveying information to the students such as written communication, oral, student demonstration r teacher demonstrations (National Council of Teachers of English, 2008). The teacher should make use of think-alouds and think-pair-shares during the question sessions, at the same time the teacher should give the students ample time to process the questions bein...
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