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Personality Types: Introvert Or Extrovert? Sensor Or Intuitor? (Essay Sample)


REQUIREMENTS: Journals should be at least 200 words long and should be original and thoughtful reflections on the topic below.
TOPIC: Based on the explanations of personality types in “Rapport: How to Ignite It,” write about your personality. Do you identify as more of an introvert or extrovert? Sensor or intuitor? Thinker or feeler? Judger or perceiver? Explain using reasons and examples.
OPTIONAL: If you're interested (and have 15-20 minutes to spare) complete an online personality test, such as “16 Personalities” https://www(dot)16personalities(dot)com/free-personality-test to help inform your journal.


English Journal – Personality Types
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February 20, 2018
The reading entitled ‘Rapport: How to Ignite it?’ has indeed captured most of the different aspects of one’s personality. In fact, while reading it, I usually come to the point where I pause and say to myself “the person that he is talking to, is indeed me”. Throughout the whole article, I came to the conclusion that I’m strongly a Senser, Thinker, and a Perceiver and I’ll be explaining it in detail further on. However, I wasn’t able to connect specifically with one of the categories in the “introvert-extrovert” scheme. This is because ever since I considered myself as an ‘ambivert’ who shows both of characteristics depending on multiple factors both internal and external. One good example of my ‘ambiversion’ are the times when I go to a party or any other get-together. Usually, I start mingling in parties with a lot of energy, greeting anyone who I came upon with. However, as the night progresses, I then tend to become more secluded and quiet, thinking to myself that “I just want to get home”. In the “Senser-intuitor” scheme, I was able to resonate more with a senser, because I tend to look for visual and auditory cues for my problems rather than my intuition. In between being a thinker and a feeler, I also think that my personality is strongly the same with other thinkers out there, who thinks a lot before talk...
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