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English 425 Assignment: Classism In England (Essay Sample)


Charles Dickens was not only an author but one of the most important social commentators of his time, who used his writing as a tool of expression for his criticisms of Victorian England. After reading the selection from Charles Dickens' “Hard Times”, choose one of the following topics to find out more about, and write a clearly developed and well-formed research paper on your chosen topic. Follow the writing process and use APA format to cite sources used. Use the following two websites to help you in your writing:
Dickens was a strong champion for children's rights in a time when children were treated as property. Research and discuss some of the abuses of children during Victorian Times.
Research and discuss classism in England during Victorian Times. What were the social classes of this time? What problems were caused because of classism?
Research and discuss the role of women in Victorian England. What were some of the abuses of women?
Each essay should be well developed with a clear intro with thesis, body paragraphs that support, and a conclusion. Your essay should be a minimum of 500 words and have a corresponding works cited page of all sources used.


English 425 Assignment
English 425 assignment
Charles Dickens is the most important social commentators who used writing to reflect the inequalities of the society he lived in Victorian England. Dickens was not only a novelist but also a social commentator of his time; his novels are not only exciting and memorable, but they also expose social and moral injustices among women and children. Dickens is the most popular author of the Victorian era because exposed the ill of the Victorian society showing compassion and empathy toward the vulnerable segments of English society (Malkovich, 2013).
Charles Dickens' novel Hard Times is one of the Victorian Novel, using fiction, Dickens called for a remedy for acute social abuses. Dickens main concern was the nature of the society. He developed his characters who were victims at the same time agents that fought against injustices to reflect the disparity of Victorian Society. The novel hard times capture many injustices towards women and children among the social classes during Victorian England (Dickens, 2016).
Dickens was a social commentator as he exposed the ills of Victorian society through his writing. During the Victorian era, poor children worked at an early age; many children labored in textile mills and coal mines. Young girls as early as five years worked and

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