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English 120A Argumentative Paper: Legalizing Prostitution (Essay Sample)


English 120A Argumentative Essay Assignment

Assignment: Write an argumentative essay in response to one of the prompts below.

Organize your paper so that it has an introduction, body, and conclusion.

This essay will count as a regular writing but it is meant to be a timed writing, so give yourself two hours to write it. You can either type it or hand write it.


  1. Often referred to as the “oldest occupation,” prostitution is illegal in all but one state in the United States and in most countries in the world. However, many people argue that it should be made legal for a number of reasons. What do you think and why?
  2. Some people say life only exists on earth, while others believe it exists elsewhere in the universe. What do you think? Why?
  3. Some people assert that playing sports is a waste of time. Others argue that there are many benefits to participating in sports. What do you think? Why? Use examples, etc. to support your argument.

Legalizing Prostitution
Institutional Affiliation
April 18, 2017
Legalizing Prostitution
The current century has had many changes in the ways of the worldwide group. Prostitution has been viewed as a taboo all through the previous centuries. There have been several campaigns to legalize prostitution which is viewed unethical in most societies. Although the society tends to understand that every person has the right to choose his or her way of life, the question of prostitution legalization has raised a lot of controversies and is a matter of immense concern today (Okeke, 2013). Prostitution is an old act in most countries, and many of these nations have legalized it. The paper discusses the contention surrounding prostitution legalization and the evidence that are the cause of prostitution not being legitimized.
Prostitution is inclusive of commercial sex, in this, individuals earn a living by engaging in sexual relations with various accomplices. It is an unethical act that goes against the ethics of many societies. Legalization of prostitution is likely to legalize promiscuity that decimates most families thus creating social instability. It debilitates marriages because many customers are married men. It also corrupts the ethics of the society and thus exposing children to unethical acts at a tender age. Legitimization of prostitution increases the spread of STDs. The government uses much money in the attempt to control STDs, for instance, HIV/AIDS. During prostitution, many people overlook the need to use protection. Putting into consideration that most prostitutes have various sex partners, the risk of having these disease is high. Legalizing prostitution may also increase the act o...
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