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The Lottery by Shirely Jackson (Essay Sample)

I want you to analyze a paragraph from the short story " The lottery" By Shirely Jackson.It could be any paragraph. chose one that could be seen in two ways the way he wrote it and a way with a meaning in another way. 3 pages source..

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The Lottery by Shirely Jackson
This is a summary of the short story "The Lottery" by Shirely Jackson. This is a fiction story which is used to demonstrate rebellion and conformity in relation to Lottery with some accepting it while other refer to it as ritual ceremony. The story is based in a village which offers an annual Lottery, as a gathering which people were meeting with an aim of having a ceremony to request for rains so that they would have good harvest of corn for the upcoming year.
The ritual was based on believe that if they sacrifice one of their own they will have plenty of rain for support of their crops and the rest of the community will have abundance food hence they will not lack food. This was perceived as a misguided perception by some of the members of the community while others were for it, the believe was so much entrenched to the villagers that they believed that if they do not hold ceremony and sacrifice on of them the community will regress to hard times if they do not have rain as agriculture was the main source of food and the vibrant economic activity in the community.
The author of the story referred most of the village people to be Crazy fools as they do not do anything to improve on their livelihood and some of them were going back to live in caves as the rest of the community get civilized. At this time they were not working this beats the logic of having a ritual to sacrifice one of them so that they could get rain when most of them were not working. They just kept on saying about "Lottery in June, corn will be heavy soon" and they were insisting that they must hold their annual Lottery.
Although the readers are made to believe that on 2th of June is just like any other day for the villagers this i...
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