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Endng Gun Violence Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


You will submit a five- to seven-page (1,250 to 1,800 word) well-structured essay that is formatted in proper APA style. This final draft assignment must integrate prior feedback and show effective improvement from the prior rough draft assignment. Your essay is expected to be the product of a complete and thorough writing process.
The argument presented in your essay must be sound, valid, and based upon evidence from at least eight credible sources—at least five of which must be scholarly. (Review the Scholarly, Peer Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources
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table for more information about appropriate sources). Information and evidence must be integrated properly, cited accurately, and used with integrity. The essay must be appropriate for an academic audience.
I also attached the format that I have been using and the feedback that I received from my paper.


Ending Gun Violence
Ending Gun Violence
Christian Showers
ENG122: English Composition II
Sharon Hanscom
October 26, 2020
Ending Gun Violence
Gun violence has become a hot button topic amongst policymakers, the public, law enforcement, and gun retailers. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there has been a drastic rise in gun violence in the last decade, and the numbers keep rising. With the continuous increase in gun violence cases, people have started their shifting mindsets about gun control. Community’s leaders have intensified efforts to analyze and evaluate gun control controversies to unearth the position, arguments, debates, and questionable aspects of policymakers, the public, and the private sector to work towards establishing longstanding solutions to the menace. While public law enforcers have suggested diverse strategies, a detailed examination and evaluation of the factors causing gun violence, mass education of the risks of owning a gun, banning of the semiautomatic firearms, review of the guns laws stated in the second amendment, and mandatory training should serve as the foundational steps in eradicating gun violence.
Over the last decade, scholars and policymakers have suggested a change of attitude, perception towards gun use as a lasting solution to the gun menace. According to the Congressional Research Service, approximately three-quarters of the United States (U.S.) population owns a gun but does not know how to use them (PERF, 2019). Today in the U.S., it is not an unusual scene to witness a teenager armed with a gun. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to educate the population about gun use and gun use laws. Offering training seminars ensure proper handling of firearms and portray guns as a form of protection, not entertainment or violence (Prevention Institute, 2020). Remarkably, this inclusive approach will elicit public participation in the fight against gun violence by unifying people's voices and opinions from all races, class, and sexuality in the fight against gun violence.

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