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Emerging Technology Trends Affecting Environments (Essay Sample)


Here is the topic :
Based on what this course and your own experience have taught you about emerging technology trends affecting economic, political, or climatological environments, write a 700-word essay that describes in some detail what you believe the future will bring: specifically, you should write about why you believe those future events will occur and how they will affect your career as well as your personal and family lifestyle. Cite at least three different sources in your essay. Do not use science fiction films, games, TV shows, or cartoons as your sources of information.
Document your paper using the guidelines in Note on Documentation.


Emerging Technology Trends Affecting Economic, Political, or Climatological Environments
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Emerging technologies encompass a wide range of aspects such as information technology, educational technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology robotics, psychotic technology, cognitive science and artificial intelligence. In today's world, emerging technology is extensively used globally and impacts on people's everyday life. In the current digital era, emerging technology is accessible everywhere and has both positive and negative impacts on the global world. This essay examines the emerging technology trends effect on climatological, political and economic environments.
Data and analytics contribute significantly to predictive policing pinpointing places people and times at escalated risks for crimes as well as risk-based bail sentencing and setting. The law enforcement agencies use and gather intelligence in the identification of scenes where crime is plotted and make efforts towards stopping it before the occurrence. Additionally, predictive policing is helpful in identification of groups and people suspected to commit a crime before they intend to execute the crime. Some policies force the UK and the US are actively experimenting with predictive policing. Cigler (2018) argues that the predictive policing approach uses artificial intelligence and past crimes existing information in the identification of the probability and location of crime before it occurs.
The emerging technology has contributed significantly to curbing terrorism and violence in the US. The Department of Homeland security heavily relies on emerging technology such as the big data and artificial intelligence to prepare, prevent and respond to emergencies, certainly terrorism (Radvanovsky& McDougall,2018). To this end, emerging technologies are essential to national security. The transformative military technology such as aerospace, cyber, nuclear and biotech plays a significant role in protecting the US from its rivalries.
Emerging trends in economic growth identify the significant direction probable to shape the economic environment. The economy of the US is the world largest mixed economy. The economy has tagged along the aspect of globalization and emerging technologies. Robotics and artificial intelligence advancement in the US has tagged along with automation whereby the machines execute tasks simultaneously under minimal human intervention (Aghion, Hepburn, Teytelboym & Zenghelis,2019). This has promoted industrial production that enjoys large scale benefits of high production under minimal costs thus profit maximization. This has impacted on the high growth of production and manufacturing industry thus improving the US economy. Artificial intelligence and the

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