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Emergencies (Essay Sample)

Writer, Please answer the following questions How do you think that you would react and what would your response be in the face of a hurricane? What about in a terrorist incident? What about in an apartment fire? Do you think your natural response would differ across these events from protective actions and guidelines? source..

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(19, 06, 2011)
Q1. How do you think that you would react and what would your response bein the face of a hurricane?
Ans. Hurricanes, earth quakes, thunder storms and other natural calamities come un-announced and one seldom has quick instincts to immediately save oneself against them. The best way to combat against a hurricane is to take safety measures at home and stay alert through T.V and radio and in worst circumstances to move to another place. Talking about myself, in case I have to encounter a hurricane, first of all I will try to drive in the opposite direction of the wind storm. However, in case, I don`t have a vehicle and running away is not possible I will try to hide in some building or if no refuge is available I will sit behind some shade or wall with my face covered in my legs, covering myself with some clothing. Q2. What about in a terrorist incident?
Ans. Terrorist attacks can be of various types. For example, I am in a plane and the plane is high-jacked by the terrorists, I have nothing to do but to sit quiet and leave my fate to the government secret agencies and armed forces as without any armors and proper training I will not be able to fight against them or to run from an emergency exit as there is no exit in a flying plane. Another example of a terrorist attack can be a nuclear invasion or a suicidal attack. First thing I will do in the face of a nuclear attack in a building or some place is escaping from an emergency exit because there is no way I can fight against it. If the bomb is exploded and I am not being killed, I will immediately call any of my family members or rescue 911. If the phone is not available I will myself try to rush towards the nearest hospital to get myself treated from possible damages of nuclear material. In case I am fine and I do not get any serious injuries, I will try to help others in the surroundings. To avoid oneself from a suicidal attack one has to be vigilant in his surroundings, keeping an eye on the people around. If somebody is wearing odd clothes e.g. warm clothes in summer season with a strange behavior or holding some heavy bag with a hesitant and frightened face, I shall inform the police about him. If he has exploded the bomb and ...
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