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What is a Management Pole? (Essay Sample)

Writer, analyze and answer the following question(s): What is a magnetic pole? How are magnetic poles named? source..
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What is a Management Pole?
What is a Management Pole?
A magnetic pole is defined as either of the two ends of a magnet where the concentration of magnet is centered. Magnetic pole is named after the north pole of the magnet. It should have the south polarity because it is the one that attracts the north. All magnets have two poles as studied in physics (Robert, 2006). These poles can be named in anyway. As it is illustrated in the early use of magnets, opposite poles attract. The magnetic pole of the earth is a magnetic north pole field. In the naming of the south and the north magnetic poles, the term magnetic field is used for two different victor fields (Robert, 2006)..
Still, there are many alternative names for both south and North Pole. Again the field of magnet can be named in several ways basing argument on the effect that it has on the it’s surrounding. The field H is defined as a modification of B because of magnetic field named made by media of material. In this naming of magnetic poles, there are some devices that are used to measure magnetism. These devices are called magnetometers. There are some important classes of magnetometers that include Hall Effect magnetometers. Hall Effect magnetometers. NMR magnetometers and squid magnetometers (Robert, 2006).
There is a simpler way of visualizing the mag...
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