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Education. Revolution In Moral Education Education Essay (Essay Sample)


Thus, for each reading, you should prepare for class in the following way: 1. Attempt to summarize the author’s main point(s). 2. Identify concepts or passages that you found either confusing or enlightening. 3. Provide a reaction or two to the reading: What do you like or dislike about it? Agree or disagree with? How can you relate it to your experience?
These are the guide questions(dont need to answer):--According to McClellan, how and why did public schools expand in the U.S. in the 1800s? What does he mean by the "revolution in moral education," and why were schools thought to be ideal places for such education?
--According to Newland, how and why did public education expand so greatly in Spanish America during the early 1900s?
--What do you think about the different purposes that schools were meant to serve in the U.S. and Spanish America?


In McClellan’s article on “Moral Education in America”, the author discusses the changes that took place in the American education system in the 1800’s as a result of children moving out of society at an early age and into the outside world. The need to provide moral education to these children led to the expansion of the public schools. The aim was to provide education to every child universally, to instill a common culture in the children, to make equal opportunities accessible to all, and most importantly, to enable young individuals have internal restraints. The article further notes that the public schools expanded by being made universal and free in order to be accessed by all. One interesting fact that I found rather enlightening is McClellan’s idea on “Revolution in moral education” whereby education was not only seen as a toll t

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