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Two Editorials Concerning the U.S. Subsidy on Electric Cars (Essay Sample)


Essay Question
For your final assignment, you will need to write an essay of at least 1250 words. In your essay, please employ the panning-for-gold approach as you consider the following two editorial opinion pieces from USA Today.
"Our view on energy: Electric car market gets useful jump-start"
"Opposing view on energy: Subsidies? Just say no"
Outline the viewpoint advanced in each editorial, and evaluate the evidence used to support it. Please critically evaluate the editorials for their logical coherence. Then explain which of the two viewpoints you think is more persuasively argued, and explain why.
Successful essays will apply concepts addressed in course readings to specific ideas from both essays. This means that you should cite specific ideas from the essays and other course readings (MLA or APA format preferred) and that your essay should have works cited or references page.
The essay should be double-spaced and submitted as a Microsoft Word file.
Note that essays that do not meet the word count requirement are generally not able to respond to the question in enough specificity or detail to be effective. As a result, essays that do not meet the word count will be failed.
Two shorter example essays are provided in response to the articles in Assignment 1.15; you may use those essays as a guide for paragraph detail and specificity.


A Response to Two Editorials Concerning the U.S. Subsidy on Electric Cars
A Response to Two Editorials Concerning the U.S. Subsidy on Electric Cars
In the United States, greenhouse gas emission is on the rise. The gas is emitted from manufacturing and transportation industries which majorly depend on gasoline as the primary source of energy. In America, there are so many cars and, therefore, to reduce greenhouse gas emission, the models of the vehicles should be changed. Car industries have realized the importance of reducing the use of gasoline; this has made some companies start manufacturing electric cars. The first gasoline-electric Prius hybrid was invented in Japan in 1997, since then the General Motors and Nissan have also introduced electric vehicles. These cars are expensive and to make a large number of people import the United States' government has introduced subsidies on cars. Support and opposition in equal measure have met the subsidy.
The article ‘Our view of energy: Electric car market gets useful jump-start', published in The USA Today on December 20, 2010, supports that use of electric or semi-electric cars will reduce the use of gasoline. The reduced use of gasoline will imply that less greenhouse effect gasses will be emitted from the transport industry. The article supports the reduction of the use of gasoline by giving examples of cars such as the Chevy Volt, which can go a distance of between 25 to 50 miles before its battery can be discharged, after the discharge, the battery is then recharged by gasoline. Another example is the Nissan Leaf that primarily depends on its battery charge; the car can travel a distance of between 62 to 138 miles before the battery can be recharged. These two examples indicate that electric cars will reduce the use of greenhouse gas emission, and the harmful effect of the gas will be mitigated, and therefore subsidy for electric cars is necessary.
The article by Green, (December 20, 2010), ‘Opposing view of energy: Subsidies? Just say no' published in the USA Today opposes the idea of reduction of gasoline use and the need for subsidy. In the article, Green argues that the use of gasoline will remain as before or even increase. Green is supporting his argument by pointing out that to generate electricity one has to use gasoline. In the article, the author notes that unless the electricity used in the cars is from clean sources like wind, nuclear, hydro and solar power, there will be no environmental benefits in using electric cars. The author of the article argues that only 30% of the energy used in the United States is from clean sources; and since the number of cars is on the rise, emission of greenhouse gases will increase drastically and therefore there is no need of the subsidy.
Electric car technology is expensive. Manufacturing expenses are always transferred to the consumers. For example, the volt lists for $41,000 while the Nissan leaf list for $33,000, these prices are outrageous for most people and therefore the government subsidy will help jump-start the market. In the United States, according to the article ‘Our View of energy: Electric car market gets jump-start', the United States government is suggesting a tax subsidy of $7,500 on the first 200,000 cars sold by automakers in the US. The article supports this move, claiming that the government's move will help auto sellers start marketing for electric cars. In the article, the author supports his agreement with the move, claiming that electric car technology should be made so cheap that it can finally stand on its own.
In supporting government subsidies, the article further notes the negative effects of the tax credit. The tax credit proposed according to the artic...

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