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Drug Addiction Argumentative Essay: Healthcare (Essay Sample)


You have to write an essay sample on Drug Addiction Argumentative Essay


Drug Addiction Argumentative Essay

The Most Controversial Thoughts People Have About Drug Addiction
All over the world, students are often asked to write drug abuse argumentative essay, and the purpose of such an essay is to make them understand that addiction to anything is bad. Whether a person uses alcohol or tobacco, he may never be able to live without the addiction and this can cause problems for him in the long run, damaging his health and ruining his life. There have had been a lot of controversies about drug addiction, urging the world to speak about the issue openly instead of keeping it in the shadow.
It's safe to say that addiction is a public health crisis that needs immediate attention of governments, media, and the public. The most controversial thoughts we have had about drug addiction are mentioned below.
Is it a choice or a disease?
When it comes to writing an essay on drug addiction, the student should be aware of the fact that it is not a disease but a choice. Some people call it a serious medical condition, while for the others, it is just a personal choice. People who support the idea that drug addiction is a disease cite groups such as WHO, APA, and AMA to support their arguments. And those who favor the other concept think that a person cannot be forced to quit on drugs since he has made it a must part of his life according to his own desires and requirements.
All drug addicts are bad people
It is a common misconception that all drug addicts are bad people, but there is nothing like that. A large number of celebrities, public figures and politicians use drugs, but they have had contri

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