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Drug Abuse In Colleges: A Problem For The Authorities And Stakeholders (Essay Sample)


Please write a post like a Facebook post which talks about the drug abuse happened in college.
In the post, please make sure include this information below.
1. What kind of resource (can be the article which is convincing) that shows drug abuse becoming a serious problem in the college life.
2.What caused this become a problem? (for example, the pressure from social life or campus life) for an action to make a change about it.
4.Use an convincing information or examples for educating people to notice that Drug abuse among students is a big issue.
5.Call for action that tells the story or opinions about the drug abuse happened on the campus.
Notice; this post should focus on the audience who from campus.


Drug Abuse in Colleges
Drug abuse in colleges and higher institutions of learning has continued to be a big problem for the authorities and stakeholders. Colleges constitute the biggest chunk of drug users, quite literally. This is due to the ever-increasing number of students getting initiated into the act daily. It raises a lot of questions about the reasons and how to stop or reduce the prevalence.
There are various reasons as to why students abuse drugs so much. According to a study done by Palmer and others (2012), students end up taking these drugs in an attempt to fit into a certain clique of friends. This is basically peer pressure. Others do it because of the pressure that comes along with having to juggle between class assignments and part time jobs or even other activities. They therefore resolve to drug abuse as a way to cope up with the load. For others, drug abuse is basically out of the spirit of experimentation and exploration that comes along with the freedom of college (Palmer, 2012). One simply wants to know how i

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