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The student will be able to solve multiplication and division problems (Essay Sample)


Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English spelling and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be four (4) double-spaced pages in length; refer to the "Format Requirements" page for specific format requirements.
Part 1
Your assignment is to choose an objective relevant to math for the primary grades. You should use your state math standards just as you did with science for Assignment 4. Then use the lesson plan outline below to create a math lesson.
For this assignment, instead of an initial activity, you will start your lesson with a “motivating question,” to not only engage students in the lesson, but to offer the opportunity for a brief informal pre-assessment. The lesson should end with evaluation of both yourself and your students.
A breakdown of what is expected in your assignment is below:
Motivating Question: This question is used to engage students in the lesson. It could also be used as an informal pre-assessment before beginning in order to assess students’ prior knowledge of the topic.
Learning Target: This is stated in complete sentence(s) and is appropriate for an early childhood classroom.
Objective/ Standard: This states a specific state standard. The object can be phrased as, “The student will be able to _____”
Resources/Materials: Lists all materials used in the procedure.
Advanced Preparation: This includes all tasks that must be completed by the teacher before the lesson.
Activities/Tasks: What will students be engaged in during the lesson (small group work, individual tasks, etc)

This states at least 2 questions you will ask yourself to determine whether your students are working and learning, and not just playing.
Formative Assessment/Criteria for Success: How will you assess students’ knowledge of the standard?
Part 2
As you did your reading for Lesson 7, it brought about the understanding that math and science can, and should be, intertwined with literacy.
• Books can serve many purposes in math and science.
• Books can be used as initial activities in lessons to grab the students’ attention.
• Books can help foster the use of concept words.
• Books can serve as visual aids in understanding math and science concepts.
Using children’s books is a great way to teach math and science concepts across the curriculum.
1. Find three children’s books that could be used in correlation with a particular math or science concept or skill.
2. In paragraph form, be sure to identify the title and author of each book.
3. Give a brief overview of each book, and explain which math or science concept or skill you would use each book to help teach.
4. Finally, briefly describe an activity you could do with the students as an extension of each story to help teach the concept or skill. 

You may use the Internet and/or Appendix B in your textbook to help you find books.


Motivating Question:

The multiplication and division signs are vital in Mathematics. In this lesson, it's up to you to fill in the omitted multiplication and division signs in each equation I have given.

Learning Target:

“This lesson is suitable for primary grades, mostly for Grade 4 and 5.”

Objective/ Standard:

“The student will be able to solve multiplication and division problems.


63 9 = 7
3 9 = 27
4 4= 16
7 7 = 49
40 5 = 8
3 3 = 9
7 4= 28
5 5= 25

Advanced Preparation:

Preparations of learning materials.
Grouping the students. Each group will have five students.
Preparation of cards


The students will be engaged in group work during the lesson. Group works are very important; they will increase productivity among the students (Cunningham, 2009). Additionally, students will be able to work together.


I will use these questions to ascertain if the students are learning and working.

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