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Diversity (Essay Sample)

The work world is a dynamic place, and it is changing more rapidly every day. It is becoming more diverse, more technical, more global, and at the same time more dependent than ever on productive working relationships. Your career success depends more and more on building multicultural skills. Please explain in about 500 words how can one learn multicultural skills? Please use your own words to answer this question. Please do not quote the text book or any other research. Your answer should be based on the last 10 weeks learning experience. source..
Diversity Name Institution Course Date Abstract Gradually, the world has evolved due to the fast-paced growth in science and technology. Infrastructural developments have seen to it that transport and communication has become quite easy. As such, people have moved from all corners of the world to other places. This has led to the creation of multicultural settings, in which individuals are supposed to learn how to interact with people of different cultures. This requires a learning process, as shown below. Diversity Advances in technology have led to the development of the idea of the global village. In the business world, outsourcing has become the order of the day, and it is no longer uncommon to find an American working in India, or a Chinese working in an American firm. The world has become such a small place, that one cannot afford to hold onto the stereotypes of cultures and races. Rather, players in the business world should have an open mind and should embrace and respect the cultures of others, so as to create a favorable working environment for all. As is commonly known in the world of business, everyone has different abilities. It is therefore necessary to ensure that the co-workers should have respect for each others` cultures. From the lessons in the last ten weeks, there have been invaluable lessons on how to foster good multicultural skills in the workplace. One of the key aspects is to understand the cu...
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