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Diversity Consciousness (Essay Sample)

Joe and Mary Parker live at 23 Elm Street in Anytown, USA. They have recently put their house on the market. They raised three children in their home, and they plan to move to a retirement community. Just yesterday, their realtor called and told them they have an offer for their house. The couple making the offer on the house has offered the Parker's asking price which is $323,000. Joe asked the realtor what the couple was like. He was told the couple was young and they both worked in town. The realtor also stated that the couple was gay. Joe told the realtor that he and his wife were rejecting the offer because "he didn't want to do that to the neighborhood." Are Joe's actions legal? What are some of the laws that protect minorities when buying homes? Can Mr. and Mrs. Parker be forced to take this offer? Adhere to MLA formatting and reference guidelines when writing your response. Additionally, your response should be free of grammatical errors, use complete sentences, and give specific details to support statement. Research the Library and other resources to complete the assignment. source..
DISCRIMINATION IN REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS Name Institution Affiliation Course Date of Submission Every resident in the US has a right to buy a home. There is no single law that allows discrimination when minority homeowners want to buy a home. Although many minority groups face discrimination during the process of home-buying, legally all people have a right to own a home and violation of this right call for pursuance of legal action. Discrimination against minorities in the process of home-buying is illegal. The department for urban development HUD protects the minority homeowners during the process of owning a home. HUD helps people who face discrimination making it eligible to file a legal proceeding with respect to illegal discrimination. The law protects against homebuyers who are discriminated due to their race, gender, age, religion, disability and sexual orientation. Individuals selling their homes can not discriminate against a buyer and also a buyer can not be forced to take sales terms that are unfair. There are more laws that are aimed at protecting gay people from housing discrimination making it illegal to treat gays differently when selling a residential property. Housing discrimination on the basis of person’s gender identity is prohibited since sexual orientation and gender identity laws for antidiscrimination were included in federal home lending programs in 2011 (Discrimination and Residential Real Estate , 2013). Every citizen has to be treated fairly when buying a residential property regardless of their minority status. The fair housing Act of 1968 makes discriminatory practices in housing market illegal making a constitutional fair housing throughout the US. The Act prohibits discrimination in the sale and rental, provision of services and other financial services in connection with housing. The Act empowers HUD t...
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