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Compliance Gaining/Resistance Tactics (Essay Sample)

List and explain two examples of your use of compliance gaining tactics and two examples of your use of compliance resistance tactics. For each example, answer the following questions: What was the scenario? Which tactic did you use? What is the tactic (define and explain it)? And, how did you use it? a) as always, use APA formatting b) be sure to maintain an academic tone, proper editing, and cite your sources c) be sure to cite book content as well The book being used is: Persuasion and Social Influence and Compliance Gaining written by: Robert H. Gass and John S. Seiter source..

Compliance Gaining/Resistance Tactics
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Compliance Gaining Tactics
A friend of mine who suffers from HIV/AIDS finds it easier to give up medication due to the awareness that the disease she is suffering from is a terminal illness and therefore come to the conclusion that she has nothing to lose. The patient can be equipped with the right information regarding the drug regimen and its positives. She can then be encouraged to look at the pros of the medication rather than giving up altogether (Elwood, 1999). If she does eventually take up the meds then this type of compliance gaining tactic is known as expertise and is based on special knowledge and technical know-how of the one using it.
In American culture, a child can at times be grounded for some days due to unacceptable behavior or due to what the guardians view as misconduct. So my children are made aware of some rules around the house or some generally acceptable behavior and in the event that they breach some of these regulations then they are subjected to some form of punitive measures such as grounding. This form of compliance gaining tactic is known as punishment (Cole, 1994).
Compliance Resistance Tactics
When I leave the house I have to keep the doors locked. If I do not, then there are chances that buglers can take advantage and intrude into my house. I am very well aware of the fact that my neighborhood is a safe neighborhood but I cannot take the risks with the view of the possible results. This form of compliance resistance attempt can be termed as justification. As an individual, I clearly know that if action A is carried out, then consequence B will follow right after.
Another compliance resistance tactic attempt is negotiation (Gass & Seiter, 2003). Many a times my husband complains about my playing of loud music and more often than not asks me to switch it off, but since I do not feel the sa...
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