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Discussion paper health care leaders (Essay Sample)

Read Chapter 3 in Porter-O'Grady & Malloch Quantum Leadership. Using your organization as an example, please respond to the following question. Your response should be: 1) two substantive paragraphs in length; 2) reflective your understanding of the assigned reading; 3) formatted in APA 6th Edition style; 4) contain at least one additional citation (beyond the textbook). The healthcare valuation model is innovative and requires courage to be tested and implemented. What is most important for the healthcare leader is the recognition of the unresolved issues in our current system, the adoption of healthcare reform, and the ever-increasing complexity of the system. To be sure the system will not improve with waiting and thinking; action is required to begin remodeling and testing new ideas that reflect the complexity of the healthcare system. In your organization, what is one unresolved issue that is either getting in the way of progress or is a cost your organization? source..

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The health care valuation model is an innovative model. Most importantly, health care leaders must recognize the unresolved issues in the current systems, health care reform adoption and the ever increasing system`s complexity (Jones and Bartlett). This paper is therefore concerned with the analysis of the unresolved issue that gets in the way of progress or which is a cost to my organization. In particular, the partial measurement and avoidance of ambiguous evidence is apparent in the organization. This forms a major cost my organization. Measuring empirical and quantifiable variables are evident. Despite the fact that mathematical tools like charts, graphs, and statistical formulas offer easily understood data, they remain as stumbling block in capturing the complexity of the organization`s healthcare work. Equally, their limitations far much outweigh their value in the organization. Specifically, they...
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